Ezgo software was developed in order to meet the needs of business owners in the tourism, hospitality and attractions industry, in the management of their private businesses, giving them, at the same time, a technological boost which augments their relative advantage in a competitive market.

Providing customers with added value and exceptional service are the key values around which we operate. This is our pledge to our customers. 
We are committed to creating the technological infrastructure and platform that enables business owners to build-up their activities in the light of these values with their customers.

  • Reservation management - individual and group reservations
  • Reports and comprehensive breakdowns for managing the business
  • Connect to international reservation channels and to international travel agents
  • Booking interfaces with price optimization
  • Recognized by tax authorities and interfaces with all accounting software
  • Booking engine on home page and Facebook page - reservations with immediate confirmation
  • Data backup and multiple workstations
  • Access and operate reservations calendar from any device
  • Credit card processing - meets the strictest standards
  • Inventory management - inventory receipt, stocktaking
  • Manage - dining room, expected meals, reports for housekeeping, routine cleaning and maintenance
  • Manage restaurant/ coffee shop - set up tables, waiters, menu - printing order slips for the kitchen, customized touch screens
  • Manage customer loyalty club  - read more

Management of Hospitality Sites

Boutique Hotels | B&Bs | Hostels | Accommodation Villas | Guest Houses

  • Connect to international online booking channels, 110 leading sites worldwide
  • Booking, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb and others
  • Hotel4U, YaYa Soft, Agency 2000 - booking interface
  • Online reservations from Hotel and B&B sites
  • Connect with international travel agents
  • Manage restrictions and price lists for all channels - in one place!
  • Optimization of prices relative to occupancy
  • Agents report and centralized invoicing for each agent
  • Access the system from any device

Channel Management

  • Manage short and long term reservations calendar
  • The calendar interfaces with vacation apartments around the world and online reservation sites such as TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, etc.
  • Manage customer cards including uploading files (contracts, photos and more) and reservations history
  • Manage current expenses of each property separately
  • Generate an income report for property owners and management companies offset by commissions and expenses
  • Generate a centralized invoice for the property owners - offset by expenses paid by the office or by the tenant
  • Generate an automatic receipt/ invoice of yearly rental
  • Generate invoices / receipts and credit processing
  • Access and operate reservations calendar from any device
  • Manage customer loyalty club - read more

Property and Vacation Apartment Management

  • Manage a spa calendar including sending automatic reservation confirmation by Email and SMS
  • Send automatic SMS messages before a treatment with RSVP
  • Bundle and sell spa packages
  • Save health statement forms in customer cards
  • Organize therapists' work schedules and calculate wages
  • Reports and comprehensive breakdowns for managing the business
  • Manage memberships and vouchers
  • Issue gift certificates and track their use
  • Create centralized invoices for agents/voucher companies
  • Manage cards and subscriptions
  • Manage customer loyalty club - read more

Spa Management

  • Manage hourly attractions and activities calendar
  • Manage hourly calendar for halls and classrooms
  • Work schedules for guides / instructors
  • Cash register and issue cards
  • Daily summary report of all activities
  • Manage packages and groups
  • Generate invoices / receipts and credit card processing
  • Optimized for touch-screens
  • Inventory management - stocktaking, inventory receipt
  • Manage customer loyalty club - read more

Attractions and Activities Management

Among Our Customers:

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