Channel Management

Property owners who wish to display their properties and receive online bookings from leading international websites, all combined into one calendar that may be accessed from any device

Dynamic control over prices, availability and restrictions in a single system that updates all the marketing channels to which you are connected, with the click of a button, in one place.

Generate comprehensive reports and breakdowns for business management: expected revenue, actual revenue, occupancy, data comparison with previous years, etc.
Operations reports - daily operations, housekeeping reports, regular cleaning and maintenance of properties

Data comparison to previous years and "occupancy forecast in comparison to previous years" data - for example: it is currently May and our occupancy rate for the coming season stands at 60%, while last May it had already reached 80% occupancy - or vice versa - this information is important for managing the business, it enables you to prepare for any eventuality, to lower prices or to embark on a marketing campaign or to raise prices if their situation allows.

The system includes:
  • Connecting to international online booking channels, 110 leading sites worldwide
  •  Booking, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb and more
  • Hotel4U, YayaSoft, Agency 2000 - booking interface
  • Online reservations from Hotel and B&B sites
  • Connect with international travel agents
  • Manage restrictions and price lists for all channels - in one place!
  • Yield - optimization of prices relative to occupancy
  • Agents reports and centralized invoicing for each agent
  • Access and operate the system from any device

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