Customer Loyalty Club Management (CRM) Model

High quality service is a critical parameter for a business to succeed in a competitive market.

In order to provide an unparalleled service experience, we have developed a marketing, sales and advertising platform for our customers which enables them to keep in constant contact with their customers at scheduled times.

Information about customers who have visited your establishment is saved in a customer card, when a new reservation is made all the guest's details, preferences, and visit history are available to you at the touch of a button. 

SMS messages and personalized greeting cards are available to send via Email to your loyalty club members, for holidays and birthdays.
"Welcome" greetings prior to arrival, and "Thank you for choosing to stay with us" greetings will be sent automatically before and after their visit, in order to intensify the service experience and bond with the customer.
You have the option of designing a set of greeting cards tailored to your business, which will be sent instead of the system's default greeting cards.

You can keep your club members updated with news, sales, special deals, via Email or SMS messages.

This platform provides the following capabilities:

  • Send Emails by different groups/distribution lists/segments.
  • Send booking confirmation by SMS/Email with confirmation of arrival "confirmation link"
  • Send SMS/Email at scheduled times before arrival and after departure
  • Automatic reminder before treatment or attraction appointments
  • History of customers' reservations and invoices in a customer card
  • Create and sell elegant gift vouchers
  • Automatic mailing on birthdays / anniversaries / holidays

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